Ensemble Auditions

No audition for Varsity Men’s Chorus, University Chorale, and All-Collegiate Choir. Register, attend, and see below.


Westbrook Music Building, room 130
Sunday, August 22
  • Soprano – 1:00pm
  • Alto – 3:30pm
  • Bass – 7:00pm
Monday, August 23
  • Tenor – 1:30pm

Prior to your audition block, complete the Registration Form. You must be signed in using your UNL information to complete the form. The musical scores and rehearsal tracks for each choir are available below. Please bring your own scores to the audition. There is no need to bring an accompanist.

If you are only interested in one ensemble, learn the two songs for that ensemble. If you are interested in either ensemble but can only participate in one, learn both songs for both ensembles. If you are interested in being a member of both ensembles, learn both songs for both ensembles.

Please direct all questions—no matter the ensemble—to BOTH Dr. Pete Eklund and Dr. Marques L. A. Garrett.

Exultate Deo

Performance Video

Score for All Voice Parts

Soprano Practice Audio

Alto Practice Audio

Tenor Practice Audio

Bass Practice Audio

All Parts Balanced Practice Audio

When Storms of Life
Lobet den Herrn, alle Heiden, BWV 230

The audition will consist of only measures 1 through 58. Learn on the following syllables instead of words:

  • Soprano – /da/ also known as 'dah'
  • Alto – /do/ also known as 'doh'
  • Tenor – /di/ also known as 'dee'
  • Bass – /dɛ/ also known as 'deh'

Score for All Voice Parts

Performance Video


Amazing Grace
2021 Audition Results

University Singers

Abbi Brundrett
Adam Lesher
Alan Davis
Aleisha Gottwald
Alex LaVake
Ananya Amarnath
Brayden Remerowski
Brendan Elam
Bryson Cole
Caleb Loberg
Carly Fox
Cody Merrill
Delaney Wetjen
Dillon Richert
Dylan Anderson (freshman)
Edgar Estrada
Emily Chapman
Evelyn English
Hannah Howatt
Houston Wheeler
Ian Carnes
Jacob Ashmore
Jacob Denton
Jacob Fee
Jacob Meyer
Jacob Vanderford
James Riva
Jayven Brandt
Jon Marquez
Kaylee Davis
Kena Lindblad
Lauren Breed
Lauren Hofer
Maddie Presser
Maddy Stolcpart
Marshall Johnson
Mary Daugherty
Meagan Heimbrecht
Micah Friesen
Natalie Raimondo
Nicole Solberg
Noah Stussie
Paul Robinson
Rebecca Heckel
Ronnie Zanella
Rose Seeman
Sam Klemme
Samuel Kennedy
Sarah Duralia
Sebastian Sorenson
Shelby Fisher
Tessa Yeo
Whitley Kleveland

Chamber Singers

Adam Greenfield
Alan Davis
Brandon McMiller
Bryson Cole
Calli Mah
Carly Fox
Jacquelyn vonAschwege
Jayven Brandt
Jestin Cam
Jon Marquez
Lara Celesky
Lauren Bydalek-McCauley
Lauren Hofer
Maddie Pressler
Mary Daugherty
Matt Duhs
Matt Price
Natalie Raimondo
Nate Petsche
Nicole Solberg
Noah Stussie
Olivia Hacker
Paul Robinson
Paul von Kampen
Rebecca Heckel
Ronnie Zanella
Rylee Worstell
Sam Pineda
Shaeley Wiese



No audition!! Simply register for the ensemble. Attend the first rehearsal on Monday, August 23 at 3:30pm on the Kimball Recital Hall stage. Enter through the north doors. Proceed to the stage.



No audition!! Simply register for the ensemble. Attend the first rehearsal on Monday, August 23 at 3:30pm in Westbrook room 119. 



No audition!! Simply register for the ensemble. Attend the first rehearsal on Thursday, August 26 at 7:00pm in Westbrook room 130.




Audition Materials:

Contact Dr. David von Kampen if there are additional questions.



Auditions for the 2021 Fall Semester:

Time and Place:
August 24th, 5pm-10pm (Westbrook Music Bldg rm110)
  or August 25th (Westbrook Music Bldg rm119), 5pm-10pm (must be present at one, not both).

We are seeking...

• Students who are willing to make a year-long commitment to this pre-determined student-friendly schedule of rehearsals/performances (Sunday and Tuesday evening rehearsals). Students who are capable and willing to participate in the total choral experience at Nebraska. Very strong consideration will be given to those who are enrolled in another curricular choral ensemble (can register for 0 credit and $0).

• Students who are eager to learn more about how show choir shows are run and perfected (those future teachers who will one day, run their own ensemble).

• Flexible individuals who can work as a team/ensemble.

Audition Expectations:

• Use this GoogleDoc (audition registration) to complete requested pre-audition information. Additional questions, contact pae@unl.edu before your audition date.

• Prepare the piece of music below ("Nebraska Hymn" — there are learning tracks listed under the downloadable music below — it need not be memorized at the audition. You will vocally audition in assigned quartets of similar voicing (SA, TB, for example). During your assigned 10-minute time slot, quartets will sing through sections of "Nebraska Hymn" (sheet music posted below), be individually vocalized by an instructor, and asked a few interview-like questions. Music sight-reading might be requested.

• Be prepared to change into more comfortable clothing for the dance portion of the audition. You will be asked to learn and memorize a short secment of music and choreography from a passage from a piece of music to be performed in the fall show. Auditonees will not be judged during the learning portion of this process. After a healthy amount of repetitions both singing and dancing, groups of four (SATB) will be asked to sing and dance the music and choreography for the BRS Leadership Team. Multiple categories in both singing and dancing will be scored.

• Have your hair configured to represent the look you will recreate on stage for future performances.

• Please complete the form (above) and list any conflicts that you may have with either night, so that you may be scheduled accordingly. You may or may not get your preferred audition day depending on all preferences, so please be flexible.

Downloadable sheet music for "Nebraska Hymn")
——mp3 recording of all balanced parts

——mp3 recording of predominant soprano1 part
——mp3 recording of predominant soprano2 part

——mp3 recording of predominant alto1 part
——mp3 recording of predominant alto2 part

——mp3 recording of predominant tenor1 part
——mp3 recording of predominant tenor2 part

——mp3 recording of predominant bass1 part
——mp3 recording of predominant bass2 part

To clarify:

• Vocal audition is formal, there will be time to change into dance attire

Mission of the ensemble:

• To prepare future performers for careers in performing and to audition well.

• To prepare tomorrow's music educators.

• To create a great environment for those desiring to continue their performing and enhance their performance skills.

2021-2022 BRS LIST (so far) clear your calendar for all upcoming events...yes, they may come up with shorter notice as this COVID-world affects us all.

Dylan Anderson (sophomore, since we have two by that name)
MacKenzie Asche
Jacob Ashmore
Max Bower
Jonah Bricker
Nick Bruegman
Annika Burds
Bryson Cole
Ethan Czapla
Cailey Davis
Kaylee Davis
Brendan Elam
Edgar Estrada
Lisa Fleet
Carmen Hillhouse
Lauren Hofer
Olivia Hultman
Nakanda Kairigi
Hannah-Kate Kinney
Sam Klemme
Austin Lempke
Jacob Leuck
Summer Liu
Caleb Loberg
Brandon McMiller
Emily Mettlen
Jake Meyer
Ian Mitchell
Emily O'Neill
Jeremy Oswald
Aimee Perez-Valentin
Nate Petsche
Sam Pineda
Bella Reilly
Camryn Self
Campbell Sharpe
Nicole Solberg
Callie Stewart
Alex Stodden
Maddy Stolcpart
Cole Swofford
Kailyn Townsend
Jackson Turman
Gavin Valle
Aaron Vrbka
Jacquelyn vonAschwege
Paige Vose
Delaney Wetjen
Tessa Yeo

+TBA if space available