Audition information

Reasons for your audition

The Glenn Korff School of Music requires you to sing one audition for the purposes of:

  • Admission to the Glenn Korff School of Music
  • Admission to a specific vocal degree program
  • Admission to applied voice study
  • Scholarship consideration

Audition Guidelines

This single, introductory audition is a significant and necessary element of your admission. Carefully reading and adhering to these guidelins assures an appropriate presentation of your skills and talents.

Dear prospective voice students!

Thank you for your interest in our vocal programs at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

If you have any questions please feel free to

Before you audition

What will the faculty be evaluating when considering my audition?

  • Musical talent and skills
    (pitch accuracy, rhythm, dynamics, phrasing, intonation, and overall musicality)
  • Vocal talent and skills
    (tone quality, vocal technique, and diction)
  • Performing talent and skills
    (stage presence)

What should I sing?

  • Two contrasting, memorized songs or arias selected from secular of sacred vocal art music (this includes artistic solo settings of folk songs). You may substitute a solo from the Musical Theatre repertoire for your second selection.
  • Select songs in a vocal range that is comfortable for you (not too high or too low in pitch).
  • Select songs that are not too difficult for you.
  • Remember: an easier song performed beautifully is preferable to a difficult song sung poorly.
  • It is not necessary to sing in a foreign language. If you choose to do so, be certain of accurate pronunciation.

How should I prepare for my audition?

  • Be meticulous in your preparation and memorization.
  • Strive to sing without undue strain.
  • Ask a voice teacher or choral director to assist you.
  • Rehearse with an accompanist.
  • Practice performing your songs for others.
  • Recognize that your level of preparation will be regarded as a measure of your readiness for the demands of college.

How should I present myself on the day of my audition?

  • Please dress professionally.
    (No jeans, t-shirts, shorts, or athletic attire)
  • Address performance anxiety or nervousness by drawing confidence from the strength of your preparation.
  • Believe in yourself and show us that you love to sing!

Vist the Glenn Korff School of Music Addmissions for more information about your audition, how to apply to UNL, and to schedule a lesson