Big Red Singers

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Big Red Singers

Directed by Scott Rieker
Faculty Advisor, Dr. Pete Eklund
MUCO 51 / 251 / 451 (Credit Only) MUDC 251 / 451 (Degree Credit)
MUNM 251 / 451 (Non-Majors)
Sunday 7-9:30pm, Tuesday 7:30-10pm
Room 130 in the Westbrook Music Building

About the group

Directed by Scott Rieker, (Dr. Peter A. Eklund, faculty advisor), and in 2012-2013 and choreographed by nationally acclaimed choreographer, April James, as well as award-winning local choreographer, Ben Eklund and our own members, Hunter Boe and Chris Walsh, Big Red Singers is comprised of fifty singer-dancers and nearly twenty instrumentalists. The ensemble is one of the most recent additions to the choral area at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, and features some of the university’s finest musicians. Outstanding performers from all over the university that represent a variety of different majors from Music Education to Engineering to Psychology as well as students involved in the Greek system, work together in the development of entertaining, high-energy, fully choreographed shows. The ensemble’s repertoire is chosen from a wide variety of popular music as well as music from Broadway.

Although some performances occur in the fall semester, most performances are scheduled during the spring semester. The first semester is utilized to develop ideal performance habits. One of the ensemble’s main objectives is to build advanced stage presence, and professionalism while continuing to foster healthy singing. Big Red Singers seeks to represent the very best in show choir while providing numerous cross-curriculum benefits. While maintaining their show choir status, Big Red Singers is also active in the world of classical music performing as opera chorus and recital choir for several conductors. Within the ensemble is an atmosphere of collegiality among its musicians, and it provides the young professional with useful tools for future careers on stage. Big Red Singers functions as an ambassador of the Glenn Korff School of Music, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and the choral area. It is designed to provide the university singer with guidance in performing, performance opportunities, experiences, and leadership skills.

In February of 2015, Big Red Singers were selected to represent the University of Nebraska-Lincoln at the United States Mint's unveiling of the Nebraska Homestead Quarter.  In April of 2013, the Big Red Singers hosted and performed in exhibition at the FAME World Show Choir Contest in Branson, MO. That same year, they were also the featured choir for the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra’s Christmas Pops concert in December. In 2004, Big Red Singers performed at the National MTNA Conference in Kansas City, MO, hosted and performed in exhibition at FAME’s World Show Choir Championships & Expo in April, 2005 in Branson, MO. They have also been the opera chorus for UNL’s fall production of Mozart’s The Magic Flute, performed and hosted FAME’s 2009 Branson Show Choir competition, and have performed at the prestigious Chancellor’s prestigious Nebraska football pre-game party. In addition, Big Red Singers have performed at Nebraska’s NMEA fall conference of music educators numerous times.

The Big Red Singers host their own summer show choir camp, the annual MIDWEST CUP Show Choir Invitational in at the Lied Center for Performing Arts, and perform regionally. Enrollment for the show choir camp is available through May 22nd at


Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Big Red Singers! Everyone who auditioned should be proud of the work they did. This was the hardest audition choreography ever, and it still was a difficult decision.  This remarkable group is poised to continue to build on strengths and successes for another great year.  If you didn’t make the group this year, don’t despair. Please consider joining another UNL vocal ensemble, such as Varsity Men’s Chorus, Women’s Chorale, etc., and audition again next spring. Have a great summer!

  • Ansley Alberts
  • Ashley Anderson
  • Carlie Bauer
  • Hayley Bell
  • Samantha Biel
  • Lauren Brickett
  • Julianna Cooper
  • Tamia Davis
  • Lizzie Dineen
  • Emma Ebito
  • Katie Esters
  • Brittany Gondringer
  • Jeannie Hageman
  • Emily Hernandez
  • Hannah Johnson
  • Elsa Knight
  • Bridget Lang
  • Brooke Lewis
  • Macy Lloyd
  • Nika Longe
  • Maddy McClure
  • Meaghan Meuhling
  • Christiana O’Neill
  • Hannah Terrell
  • Kim Wear
  • Sydne Weber
  • Ann Wilton
  • Breann Zimmer


  • Sam Baker
  • Nicolas Caberos
  • Braxton Carr
  • Tevan Carrell
  • Marcos Cordova
  • Cal Cross
  • Derek Geist
  • Brent Gengler
  • Nathan Goltz
  • William Havranek
  • Anthony Hughes
  • Calan Koch
  • Logan Langholdt
  • Logan Lemka
  • Tyler Minchow
  • Dalton Myatt
  • Brian Niedert
  • Matt Reynoldson
  • Alec Robert
  • Sebastian Sorensen
  • Kyle Sramek
  • Thomas Stoysich
  • Alec Talbott
  • Alex Toney
  • Sam Varney
  • Kolton Vinzant
  • Justin Wahl
  • Matt Watson

Auditions for the 2015-2016 School Year

Time and Place:

Monday, May 4th, 2015


Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

REGISTER ONLINE HERE!! OR Arrive before 6pm for registration

6pm - 9pm (group singing audition, dance audition, and interview)

Westbrook Music Building, UNL city campus
Room 130

We are seeking...
• Students who are willing to make a year-long commitment to this pre-determined student-friendly schedule of rehearsals/performances (Sunday and Tuesday evening rehearsals). Students who are capable and willing to clear the week prior to fall classes beginning for a fun but intense week of vocal and choregraphic rehearsals culminating with a performance at the end of the week.

• Students who have previous show choir, singing-dancing, and/or music theatre experience and would like to continue.

• Students who love to perform.

• Students who are eager to learn more about how show choir shows are run and perfected (those future teachers who will one day, run their own ensemble)

• Flexible individuals who can work as a team/ensemble.

Audition Expectations:

  • Brief résumé describing your experience as a singer/dancer and a head shot.  Email both to before your audition date AND bring both of these items to your audition.  
  • Short vocal solo in any style that showcases your voice. (Pick a song you’re good at, not necessarily one that is difficult) Please mark any cuts clearly in red. An accompanist will be provided.
  • Comfortable clothing for the dance portion of the audition.
  • Hair configured to represent the look you will recreate on stage. 
  • • Be ready to learn choreography swiftly. 
  • • Be ready to answer a few questions in the interview segment of the audition.

To clarify:
• Email - Head Shot and bio
• Audition - Bring résumé and Head Shot

Mission of the ensemble: 

• To prepare future performers for careers in performing and to audition well 

• To prepare tomorrow's music educators 

• To create a great environment for those desiring to continue their performing and enhance their performance skills